Jim Guthrie & JJ Ipsen – Aspect Imaginarium

Jim Guthrie / JJ Ipsen - You Me And Gravity

The music of singer-songwriter/composer Jim Guthrie is often described as optimistic, insightful, and charming; which definitely explains his continued work conjuring up encompassing music for film, commercial, and video game soundtracks.

His latest endeavour is the soundtrack for roller coaster creation game Planet Coaster inspiringly titled You, Me, and Gravity: The Music of Planet Coaster. The 16-track collection has Guthrie joining forces with multi-instrumentalist JJ Ipsen, blending together their creativity and imagination through folk-rock tunes.

Leading the way is the glowing, inspiring single “Aspect Imaginarium”. Warm guitar layers, an engaging piano track, a glowing horn section, and an all-around inspiring ambience, the lead single helps to move the soul into a place of peace where the possibilities are endless – a welcomed theme for a creativity-fuelled video game or a moment to ourselves.

You, Me, & Gravity and the new Planet Coaster will be available November 17th, and in the mean time, you can enjoy the lead offering below.


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