VACAY – Moving You

VACAY  (Photo courtesy of Levi Randall)
(Photo courtesy of Levi Randall)

Working under the moniker VACAY, Toronto multi-instrumentalist Levi Randall is excited to be working on his upcoming solo debut EP. The young musician admits he enjoys the isolation of working as a solo artist, and with his new single “Moving You”, he also has a deep appreciation for sharing his work with fans and audiences.

He explains: “As an artist so much of your creative expression is done in isolation. A lot of the satisfaction comes from the writing process but to be able to take your work to the stage and know that your music and lyrics are resonating with people there’s a whole new level of satisfaction that goes even deeper than just creating on your own. That’s because the whole point of my music is to move people and when I know that has happened there’s electricity, and a feeling of oneness. When the audience is moved by me I’m in turn moved by them. ‘Moving You’ is a love song to the audience”. 

VACAY’s stunning vocals combine with the heartfelt instrumentation for a powerful pop hit that is definitely a bright beginning for Randall, so enjoy the love song dedicated to you below.

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