In No Particular Order: November 11, 2016


Alright, let’s keep this short and sweet.

I know you want to get started and enjoy all the sweet, new releases from the past week so I won’t drag on too long.

‘Cause no one likes someone who just rambles on about nothing and just fills space with words. It’s almost like they’re trying to either hide something or just fill a gap with nonsense to make them seem important or more knowledgable about a subject. Truth is, they probably know just as much as you do or the next person, and are just filling up space with words.

Did I already mention the concept of filling up space? Pardon me, I hope I’m not rambling. It would be a shame if I kept you long while you read this even though there are more pressing matters and great music to stream.

If you read all that, then you might as well follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more useless stimulation, and check out the full list of new releases from the past week here.

Animals As Leaders – The Madness of Many

Animals As Leaders - Madness of Many

Instrumental progressive-metal trio Animals As Leaders make math fun. Blending together metal, jazz, and math rock into a seamless medley of melody and rhythm, their latest release The Madness of Many takes shape from a variety of directions. Lead by crunching bass solos, clockwork percussion, and perfectly synced guitar melodies, the band have an impeccable degree of musicianship that puts jaw-dropping talent and digestible and graspable songwriting in the same quarters. Long-time fans will find something new to enjoy after loving The Joy of Motion and Weightless, and for those new to the trio will surely be dazzled – a welcomed attribute in a genre often relayed as pretentious and niched.

Stream the full album below, and head to their website to order your copy.

Must-haves: “Arithmophobia” // “Transcentience” // “The Brain Dance”

A Tribe Called Quest – We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service

A Tribe called Quest

Well, well, well. Look what we have here: the latest and final release from the iconic hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest. With most of the album recorded before the passing of MC Phife earlier this year, We Got It From Here… is able to hold on to the group’s defining sound and characteristics, even almost 30 years later. As undeniable influences and pioneers for modern hip-hop artists, A Tribe Called Quest refuse to change their style – and frankly, they don’t need to. With the word “throwback” written all over it, We Got It From Here… returns to the ’90s and still comfortably plants itself in 2016. Relevant lyrics, and poignant delivery, the new two-disc LP features the likes of Andre 3000 and Busta Rhymes for a dose of nostalgia that illustrates why the trio have stood the test of time, and the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West as they contribute to their heroes’ work.

Stream the full album through Spotify and head to their website to get your copy.

Must-haves: “Kids…”// “Melatonin” // “Ego”

Enigma – The Fall of A Rebel Angel

Enigma - Fall of A Rebel Angel

Electronic musician Enigma has taken some time away from releasing new music to work on his latest album The Fall of A Rebel Angel. And fans of the musical pioneer will definitely be excited the day has finally come. Not only does the experimental electronic album feature some sensational, orchestral tracks, but also comes with an interactive narrative experience through his website. Combining synthesizers, chants, art, and storytelling into one creative piece, The Fall of A Rebel Angel is cinematic and lush, and is definitely worth exploring.

Stream the full album on Spotify, and head to his website for more features.

Must-haves: “Circle Eight” // “The Die is Cast” // “Sadness (Part II)”

Dragonette – Royal Blues

Dragonette - Royal Blues

JUNO-award winning dance-pop group Dragonette are back again with more summer-glow pop tunes on their latest release Royal Blues.

Although a heartbreak album of sorts, Royal Blues turns the idea of sadness and loneliness into punch-drunk pop tunes and consistently captivating dance melodies. Synthesizers, bursting percussion, and seamless energy, their new album is an enabler for your sweetest dance moves with its lengthly 13-song tracklist.

Sugary, simple, and fun, Dragonette add a hint of summer as the coming winter slowly edges closer. Hints of reggae, tropical-house, and future-pop contribute to the albums warm glow.

Stream the full album on Spotify, and head to their website to get your copy.

Must-haves: “Let The Night Fall” // “Lonely Heart” // “Secret Stash”

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