Sam Setton – Stranger

Sam Setton - Stranger

After a break-up, most people tend to sulk in their PJs, spend too much money at the bar, and/or fill the next few months with bad decisions and introspective regret. For electro-pop artist Sam Setton, he instead chose to focus on his music and experiment with his sound. Oh, and to compose a catchy electro-pop track in hopes of winning back the heart of his ex-girlfriend.

Setton’s new single “Stranger” is his attempt to grab her attention, and reverse their current situation as “strangers”.

With his debut EP slated for release in 2017, Setton has found some success in the mean time on streaming services with his lead single “Berlin” making its way onto a number of Spotify playlists. The electro-pop singer-songwriter combines his whispering vocals with colourful electronic production on “Stranger”, hooking in the listener with the pulsating chorus and vibrant melodies.

Listen to the single below and head to his website for more music and updates.

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