Dune Rats – Scott Green (Official Music Video)

Dune Rats
(Photo courtesy of Secret Service Publicity)

Australian stoner-rock trio Dune Rats are releasing their sophomore album The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit on February 3rd, and from the record, the rambunctious band have shared the lead single “Scott Green” through a wild, interactive music video.

The music video takes the viewer on an adventure through a criss-crossing house party as you choose your own direction and drugs. Revolving around the song’s hook, the band need your help to solve the mystery of “who’s Scott Green”. Director Mac De Souza explains:

“The concept is the band are heading to a house party, and have their stash of weed stolen off them out the front by our ‘Scott Green’ character who runs into the house. The chase for Scott Green begins and they search for him high and low throughout this fantasy-like house party with 4 different themed rooms based on drugs you’d see at a typical Aussie houseparty (weed room, ecstasy room, cocaine room and LSD room). The viewer gets to choose which door they go in, and each room provides a ‘clue’ to where Scott Green might be hiding in a ‘Where’s Wally-like game adventure.”

Check it out via none other than HighTimes.com and head to their website for tour dates and more information for the upcoming album. You can watch the regular version below!

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