Dirty Projectors – Little Bubble (Official Music Video)

Dirty Projectors
(Photo courtesy of Motor Mouth Media)

Although there doesn’t seem to be an official release coming anytime soon from David Longstreth’s Dirty Projectors project, the experimental indie artist has shared two tracks in recent months. “Keep Your Name” and now, the delicate track “Little Bubble”.

Clustering together drips and drops of miscellaneous textures and sounds, “Little Bubble” captures the fragility of a bubble. Longstreth calmly sings overtop a lush, soothing production, as he points out the two ends of being within a personal bubble – either socially, culturally, or technologically.

The song’s transfixing jigsaw style is oddly relaxing, accompanied by an equally capturing music video visualizing the Earth as a bubble.

Check out the track and video below, and head to his website for more information and music.

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