Common Deer – Confession (I Should Have Known)

Common Deer
(Photo by Paul Alexander; courtesy of Webster Media)

Toronto indie orchestral pop group Common Deer are connected in many ways: switching instruments on stage as they share their musical roles, expressing their love for classical music in an encompassing genre, and most notably, by relation. Composed of two sets of siblings, Sheila and Adam Hart, and Connor and Liam Farrell, along with their friend and co-vocalist Graham McLaughlin, Common Deer come together to create mesmerizing and lavish music from the soul.

From their debut I EP out this Friday January 27th comes the bold and beautiful lead single “Confession (I Should Have Known)”, a song about following your heart, even if that means leaving someone behind.

Through the power of classical arrangements and the vibrancy of indie pop, the lead single has a certain edge; McLaughlin explains: “Classical music can sometimes come across as intense or rigid, but we’ve put an emphasis on letting go and really enjoying being in the moment. It would be great to see more classical musicians not using these instruments as a gimmick to gain popularity, but rather to explore and push the genre’s boundaries.

Hear for yourself below, and head to their website to order your copy of I. 

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