Erich Mrak – Float

Ottawa/Toronto-based hip-hop artist Erich Mrak dropped his latest Retrospect EP just a few months back, and the hard-working musician is keeping the momentum going with his latest single “Float”, off his recently announced follow-up Healed EP. Incorporating hints of nu-R&B, pop, and shoegaze into his sound, the brand new track “Float” has Mrak flaunting his softer side. Echoing guitar, minimalist percussion, and Mrak’s laid-back delivery lets the song’s hook gently plant itself into your brain as you get washed away. Check out the new single below, and head to his website for more of his music.

Erich Mark – Drowning Out ft. Maurice Moore

(If you like: The Weeknd, J Cole, TK the Architect) Ottawa/Toronto-based hip-hop artist Erich Mrak released his latest collection V EP back in January of this year. Even after facing obstacles which forced back the release of V, Mrak was back to studio to work on his upcoming effort Hideaway.  From the forthcoming record, “Drowning Out” shows a more pensive, fragile side of Mrak. The song circulates around the tragic consequences of drinking and driving, touching on personal experiences. Bringing back Ottawa musician Maurice Moore (who was featured on “For You”), the new single captures the slow-burning, fuel…

Erich Mrak – V EP

(If you like: Mac Miller, Hoodie Allen, Asher Roth) The day has finally arrived for Ottawa-raised, Toronto-based hip-hop artist Erich Mrak. After almost two years in the making, his debut V EP faced a variety of obstacles, forcing the musician to push the release date back. Mrak instead chose to make use of the time and released a steady stream of singles in anticipation, and now the 5-track collection is available to all. Mixing an ideal blend of work-hard, play-hard, Erich Mrak’s fun-loving, youthful energy comes through clearly in his music. Lead single and opening track…

Erich Mrak – Faces (Official Music Video)

Ottawa-raised/Toronto-based Erich Mrak has spent years crafting his skills as a hip-hop artist, incorporating pop-infused elements for his party-friendly style. His debut V EP was set to be released this summer, but the official date had to be pushed back. As the mysterious day inches closer, Mrak has shared the second of three tracks from the upcoming collection. Shot on location in Los Angeles, California, and his hometown of Ottawa, “Faces” re-establishes his ability to create catchy, upbeat tracks that are both relatable, yet entertaining. Capturing his youthful presence and energetic lifestyle, the…

Erich Mrak – Human

Ottawa hip-hop artist Erich Mrak has recently made the trek out to the west coast; all the way to Los Angeles, California to work on aspects for his upcoming EP project V, being released sometime this summer. “Human”, one of the final tracks from V, was produced and recorded in Toronto. Flaunting a more polished sound, his signature chorus hooks, and relatable lyrical material, Mrak is pushing his way forward in the Canadian hip-hop scene. Take a listen!