Francophone Crash Course (Geoff C.)

Francophone Crash Course – Geoff C. Mostly fresh and a couple of older francophone tunes from artists across the country; indie, electro, hip hop and folk, but what is genre anyways…Guaranteed to find something you like in here. French music isn’t just Céline! Bon appétit!

Electroanthems (Jerie S.)

Electroanthems – Jerie S. (@JerieShaw) These are 10 of my favourite alternative electronic anthems. They’re pounding, hard-driving, ear-wormy delights that will get you off your feet. Need some tracks to get you pumped up for your next workout? This playlist has you covered. Need some feel-good tunes for your road trip? Yep, this playlist does that too. Looking for some catchy, dancy jams for your weekend house party? This playlist is perfect for that as well!