Coldplay – Ghost Stories


Coldplay has always been one with the times, especially with their music, and now with the booming success of electronic music (be it EDM, house or ambient), the British four-piece want to contribute.

Their previous release Mylo Xyloto was a taste of their electronic influences – “Up in Flames sticks out the most – and now with Ghost Stories, they’ve turned that ambient, electro-pop sound into a full length album.

Frontman Chris Martin decided the album would be a concept album, after going through a divorce with ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow. The album is basically a story of break-up, and eventual acceptance. Martin’s emotions and passion certainly come through with deep, and resonating songs.

Unfortunately, the album comes across as monotone for the most part, with a most of the tracks sounding recycled and album fillers.

Of course songs like “Another’s Arms”, and “A Sky Full of Stars” (which features Avicii) bring a bit of character to the album. Parts of the album carry over some more traditional Coldplay-sound, such as “Ocean”, which would effortlessly fit well into A Rush of Blood to the Head, and “O”, which would be great for X&Y.

Overall, the album was an interesting attempt from the “alternative” rock band, and shows the band’s ability to head in a different direction.

It is definitely worth adding to your Coldplay collection, but it isn’t their best work.

Take a listen here

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