Air Dubai – Be Calm


A steady mixture of hip-hop, pop and electronic influence, the Denver, Colorado six-piece Air Dubai have released their new album Be Calm.

The medley of genres cycles through each track, combining together to create the overall sound of the album.

“All Day” opens up the album with an underlying pop sound, supporting smooth R&B vocals and hip-hop style lyrics. It instantly flows into “Afterglow”, uncasing their electronic ability, while once again featuring the R&B vocals during the chorus, and hip-hop abilities throughout the choruses.

The rest of the album keeps up the dynamic dance sound, aside from the track “Gone”, with the band showing off their sauve and polished serenading skills.

Be Calm takes a short dip with the bland and pop track “Warning”, and gradually comes back to their capable level with “Soul & Body” and “Dance with the Devil”, with a heavy hip-hop influence showing through.

Although there is stand-out track/tracks, the album is a revitilizing break from the large bland-pop epidemic with it’s seemless combination of sounds. YouTube has the entire album to stream.

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