Spoon – They Want My Soul


Texas’ alternative powerhouse Spoon have been doing around since the mid-90s, and are still going strong. The double-decade career continues to shine with their latest release They Want My Soul.

Opening with the single “The Rent I Pay”, their signature sound comes through with punchy guitar chords, raw percussion and unique vocal qualities.

It then transititions into the spacey-smooth track “Inside Out”, which is stripped down to the basics: steady drum beat, pulsating synth, simple chord progression and Britt Daniel’s rough vocals – but simplicity works wonders.

Moving down the tracklist, “Do You” shines through with a catchy chorussharing David Gray -esque subtle qualities.

“I Just Don’t Understand” carries in a blues-like influence into the album, with a prominent piano layer and a chromatic bass-line. It then quickly switches to “Let Me Be Mine”, with a dance-rock feel.

Long story short – Spoon never seems to disappoint.

Try it out for yourself with a full album stream via Youtube.

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