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It’s always a treat when musicians know how to incorporate different genres into their sound with such accuracy and consistency. White Denim frontman James Petralli (a.k.a. Bop English – the name comes from a drifter he befriended back in college) has done just that with his solo debut Constant Bop. The project took close to four years to complete, as Petralli had varying commitments on the side, but sometimes taking the time is worthwhile; in this case, it certainly was. Full of bright tones and toe-tapping hooks, Constant Bop takes the listener on a journey through sound.

“Dani’s Blues (It Was Out of Our Control)” starts things off with a piano-pop, rock n’ roll style track that flirts between Jack Johnson and Jeff Tweedy. With a peppy foot forward, the track doesn’t lose momentum, moving into the country-rock inspired track “Struck Matches”. The second single pre-released from Constant Bop, “Sentimental Wilderness”, takes the country influence, but turns towards folk rock instead, followed closely by the acoustic-guitar driven track “Falling at Your Feet”.

Grooving into the blues-y, jam style “Trying”, Petralli keeps things simple while challenging his sound, incorporating big band elements into the mix, while a highlighted blues guitar steals the show with a catchy riff (the toe-tapping ensues).

Keeping with the theme of ever-changing genres, “Fake Dog” throws ‘70s blues/psychedelic rock into the pot, without losing the 21st vibe of dance and groove.

Choosing to end on a laidback note, “The Hardest Way” and “Long Distance Runner” are still full of life, just slowed down and savoured.

Well-rounded and engaging, Constant Bop is a collection of, well, constant, undying fun. The Line of Best Fit has the full album available to stream; grab a comfy chair, some warm weather and enjoy!

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