Mocky – Living in the Snow

Canadian composer/electronic musician/puppet rapper Dominic Salole (a.k.a Mocky) is releasing his forthcoming album Key Change on June 26th. After finding his footing in the Berlin electronic scene, Salole has moved back to North America, but not without holding on to his groovy, organic style.

Photo by Vice Cooler, courtesy of Webster Media

“Living in the Snow” foreshadows the album with a swift, cascading melody composed of string, horn and percussion instruments. Be it the delicate violin arrangement, the rhythmic percussion, or the funk-driven bass line, the lead single is something to get excited about.

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  1. […] upcoming LP Key Change approaches (June 26), and having already released the first single “Living in the Snow“, Canadian songwriter Mocky has premiered the music video for “Whistlin'”. […]

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