Soda Shop – Keep Swimming

Drew Diver and Maria Usbeck met at a Summer Air France DJ set a few years back and instantly connected about their on-going music projects and mutual love for New York City. Diver had recently moved from Ohio, and Usbeck from Ecuador, and since then have been fine-tuning old demos and creating their new indie dream pop sound under the name Soda Shop.

Soda Shop  (Photo courtesy of Velvet Blue Music)
Soda Shop
(Photo courtesy of Velvet Blue Music)

Recording out of their home studio in NYC, Soda Shop have recently completed an 8 track album, and as they put the finishing touches on the collection, they are equally excited to share their first single “Keep Swimming”.

Maria Usbeck’s dreamy vocals lift the song’s warm, breezy melodies to combine NYC dream pop and west coast lo-fi surf rock. Clean and simple, “Keep Swimming” loosely piles together chromatic guitar hooks, hand-clap friendly rhythms, and up-beat bass riffs that sway as freely as a California coastal breeze.

You can listen to the track via Consequence of Sound.

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