Mieke – Sleeping Alone

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Mieke keeps her childhood memories of growing up in rural Ontario close to heart. The dense tranquillity and organically luscious charm of her environment shines through her delicate style of music. Performing from a young age, Elissa Mielke would record herself singing out in the forest on a tape recorder. The surroundings she captured on the device and her deliberate solitude transferred into her music career and as result add a genuine, natural edge to her sound.

Mieke  (Photo by Thomas Van der zaag)
(Photo by Thomas Van der zaag)

Releasing her debut self-titled EP on August 28th, Mieke has shared the lead single “Sleeping Alone”. Backed by minimalist percussion and waterfall-esque piano parts, Mieke’s voice dazzles with alluring intent, giving the song a soothing, hypnotic quality.

You can catch the model/musician performing in Toronto on August 14th at the Burdock Music Hall.

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