Snowday – Evoke EP

“Now that we have the space, we have more instruments, and you will hear them all on Evoke, including a 100 year-old Nordheimer upright piano, a Rhodes electric keyboard, a new drum kit, and a wealth of new percussion instruments. The end result sounds dark and organic, and really conveys deeper emotions than we maybe managed to capture with As We Travel”.  – Cam Sloan 

Sloan makes up half of Toronto-based ambient electronic duo Snowday. Chad Skinner accounts for the other, and the two longtime friends released their debut record As We Travel last year to positive reviews. Progressing forward with their acoustic-driven, “organic” sound, Snowday have released their follow-up EP Evoke. The five-track collection provokes a sense of experimentation and natural-flowing composition from opening track “Ceremony” with its dynamic, yet droning presence, through to “Her Day Ended Slowly”.

Snowday (Photo courtesy of Hybridity Music)
(Photo courtesy of Hybridity Music)

Exotic influences from Eastern music helps to create an hypnotic effect on “Ceremony” and parts of “Detour”, but otherwise the record is a lush, dense, and emotive experience. Resonating piano chords are the building blocks for “Evoke” which uses minimalist qualities to provoke a larger aura.

Reaching close to the seven minute mark, “Her Day Ended Slowly” paces itself as a steady, cinematic and emotive

Listen to the full collection via Exclaim!.ca and buy the EP through Hybridity Music.

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