Bass Lions – Be Your Man (Remix – Giant Eye Version)

Alternative pop group Bass Lions provide an artistic take on the indie rock genre, often adding in off-centered time signatures, frantic drumming, and punctuated guitar riffs, amongst a layer of poetic vocals. Hailing from Kitchener, Ontario, the quintet released their latest effort in the form of a self-titled full-length.

Included on the record was the soft, jazz-infused Radiohead-esque single “Be Your Man”. Stripping the original song of its acoustic textures, and replacing it with hypnotic, dense effects, the Giant Eye Remix was re-created with the help of Toronto producer/visual expert Thomas van der Zaag. van der Zaag, who also produced their self-titled album, gets up close and personal with zoomed in shots of the human eye.

Bass Lions explain: “[it] delves into the hyper-realistic. We explore the idea of perspective in our new video – the latest in a series of releases. The extreme close-up moves past clarity and into the absurd”.  

Listen to tracks from their previous works through their bandcamp, including the original take of “Be Your Man”.

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