Dan Mangan + Blacksmith – Forgetery (Official Music Video)

Dan Mangan + Blacksmith
Dan Mangan (Photo by K.NE)

Juno-winning singer-songwriter Dan Mangan along with his band Blacksmith released the stunning album Club Meds last January, landing a spot in our Top 50 Albums of 2015. Off the record was the heart-felt, pensive single “Forgetery”. A year later, Mangan and his team have shared the music video/short-film for the track, which stars Rainn Wilson as a character in one of the video’s vignettes.

In an interview with Line of Best Fit, Mangan explains the song’s meaning:

“My great aunt Margie used to say, ‘My memory is shot, but my forgetery is very sharp.’ I had this amazing experience on mushrooms once. I was, for a moment, completely and utterly connected and at peace with the entire universe. There was no truth or falseness, there was only perception and the question of willing to accept perception, or to to deny it. Acceptance led to beauty and wonderment. Denial led to conflict and anger. And then, as quickly as the feeling came over me, it was gone. It’s a slippery fish. As soon as you’re aware of an honest moment, it slips away and we go back to our internal discussion ABOUT the moment. Complete unconsciousness is the same thing as total consciousness”. 

The song’s charismatic builds and crashes drive its meaning and story further, creating a sense of over-consciousness and awareness. Clockwork percussion develop into a hypnotic rhythmic progression, and Mangan’s rustic, melancholic vocals give the beautiful music video a source of power as it capture humanity through love, discovery, loss, and life.

Enjoy the clip below, and read our review of Club Meds here. Head to his website for more information and to order a copy.

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