The Junction – City Nights

The Junction  (Photo courtesy of Culvert Music)
The Junction
(Photo courtesy of Culvert Music)

(If you like: Mayer Hawthorne, Bedouin Soundclash, Sam Roberts)

Toronto chill-pop trio The Junction have been fairly quiet for the past four years; the slick, downtempo unit last released Grievances back in 2012, after a number of obstacles with major record labels and management.

Independent and still going strong, The Junction are releasing their next album this fall, titled City Nights. From the upcoming release is the lead single and title track. Lead singer/frontman Brent Jackson explains:

It’s a love song to the songwriters oldest love… being a night hawk. It’s a seductive freedom under the street lights that leads him outside – an inspiring place to breath new sense to life. Keeps him thinking, driven and awakened. It shapes who he is and how he thinks. Overall, a place of mental calm where he can be at one with aloneness; he feels more alert and more ‘himself’ when the sun rolls down. The lyrics were written while biking down the side streets around High Park. An ode to the night. It captures nostalgia, of the many times he’s danced in its street lit playground. This song is for everyone that relates. To connect us, ‘hawks’.” 

The sultry groove, and laid-back delivery of “City Nights” dims the lights and stops the clocks for a late-night hit.

Enjoy the single below.

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