Colony House – When I Was Younger


Nashville, Tennesse’s Colony House have finally released their debut album When I Was Younger.

The 14-track collection is a well-balanced string of tracks, opening with the hit Silhouettes, which punches into a bright, indie pop sound that resembles a cross between Tokyo Police Club and Young the Giant, and is sure to give your repeat button a workout. The energy level keeps strong with the resonating and summer-love song “Second Guessing Games; the bounce of the drums, mixed with the guitar-pop melodies is a treat for the ears.

Incorporating various alternative influences into their sound, Colony House seems to have done their homework, with hints of U2, New Order and The Killers leaking from the track “Caught Me By Surprise, and “Keep On Keeping On” seems to draw from their Tennessee upbringing with punchy, chorus-filled guitar hooks, and southern-rock melodies.

Contrasting with their up-beat, summer indie pop sound, the band does have a sentimental and passionate side to the album, with the triumphant track “Waiting for My Time.

The band, consisting of brothers Will and Caleb Chapman, and best friend Scott Mills, suffered a family tragedy in 2008, after the accidental death of Maria Sue Chapman, the brother’s adoptive 5-year old sister. The album can be split into three parts, each forming different series of emotions, surrounding the family tragedy. The first part is joyous and celebratory, with the second part showing more dramatic feelings, and the third bringing together strong, deep emotions of perseverance, faith and hope. All together, When I Was Younger is an impressive and dazzling debut album.

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