Jason Feathers – De Oro


Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon and S Carey, alongside rapper Astronautilus have released De Oro as an online exclusive (the physical album will be released in September) under the name Jason Feathers. Expanding the horizons of hip-hop, the artistically aggressive album is an exceptional creation from start to finish.

 “Leave Your Stain” starts the album off with a lo-fi sound, which then bursts into an east-coast hip-hop chorus. Lined with electronic instrumentals and sounds, the track ends with percussive conclusion.

“Young As Fuck”, the second track on the album, is a stripped down hip-hop track, fluently sewing together souful guitar riffs, electronic vocal manipulations, and aggresive lyrics.

Unpredictability streams out from every song on the album, “Canary in a Gold Mine” being a perfect example – stock-full with southern hip-hop and blues, the track is dark and dense.

Each song is similar in composition, yet has a vast and varying ambience. The 8-minute track “Sacred Math” is a texturally poetic piece, rich with vibrations and suspense. It then gracefully transitions into the next piece “Cyclone”; a more dramatic, musical and soulful song.

“Gold Standard” is the final track from De Oro, encompassing the soulful blues and hip-hop of the south that is spread throughout the album.

Check out the mysterious band via Totally Gross National Product.

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