Dillon Francis – Money Sucks, Friends Rule


After a plethora of singles and EPs, moombahton party starter Dillon Francis has released his first full-length studio album Money Sucks, Friends Rule. The L.A DJ first found the spotlight after gaining the attention of fellow electronic-dancehall producer Diplo; the two would collaborate on the track “Que Que:, setting a rippling effect of success for Francis.

Money Sucks, Friends Rule is this month’s party album and “All That” gets things rolling with rapper Twista and electronic group The Rejectz alongside, making an electrifying entrance to the party. Farther down the track list, songs such as “Drunk All the Time give lyrics to the party theme.

The first single from the album, “Get Low, which features DJ Snake (the man behind “Turn Down for What), for a first-rate reggageton track that can only be found in the world of the Mad Decent label (the label is known for it’s fusion of dancehall, electronic and house). Similar in style, Francis collaborates with two of the biggest names in dancehall Major Lazer and Stylo G, for the moombahton track “We Make it Bounce.

Switching gears for the album’s second single, “When We Were Young brings out Francis’ progressive house abilities by collaborating with Canadian duo Sultan + Ned Shepard and electronic singer/songwriter The Chain Gang of 1974.

Travelling through an array of electronic house genres, Dillon Francis’ next stop is in the direction of Dutch house with the help of Martin Garrix for the track “Set Me Free.

Francis provides a number of solo tracks, such as “Not Butter, “I Can’t Take It and “Hurricane; all of which are heavy, layered and hypnotizing, bringing a wave of party-style trance over the listener (and in the case of “Not Butter”, a sensation of hunger with the food-reference joke track).

Full of juicy builds and even more flavourful drops, Money Sucks, Friends Rule dips through a well-sought collection of electronic styles, creating the perfect formula for a dance-fuelled party soundtrack.

MTV has a full stream of the album, or buy it here.

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