Renny Wilson Punk Explosion – Escaping Alive

Last year, Montreal-based singer-songwriter Renny Wilson and his band Punk Explosion released Punk Explosion – the gritty, DIY collection that began in his bedroom back in 2007. Even after recording almost 8 years worth of material, it wasn’t quite done yet. Punk Explosion/Expansion will be released on July 10th through Mint Records with the addition of a few unreleased tracks, including the newest release “Escaping Alive”.

Photo by Ashleigh Brown; courtesy of Pigeon Row
Photo by Ashleigh Brown; courtesy of Pigeon Row

Bouncing between eccentric, growling vocals and off-centered falsetto, the track blends together ’50s rock-musical pop, cartoonish tone, and retro-fitted ’80s punk; “Escaping Alive” dresses down for the occasion and turns up the fun.

Take a listen below, and pre-order the album here.

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