The Echo & the Sound – Virginia Law

Los Angeles, California is home to rock n’ roll duo The Echo and the Sound. Formed in 2012, Brian Rich (vocals/guitar) and Douglas Jewell (drums) create a sand-covered, vintage-flavoured sound they describe as “gothic cantina”. Fuzzy guitars, and loose ringing cymbals stomp their way across the dry, lo-fi rock that they say is like “if Bob Dylan and Sam Shepard got into a fist fight while drinking in a desert cantina”.

The Echo and the Sound (Photo courtesy of Planetary Group)
The Echo and the Sound
(Photo by Jamie Luca; courtesy of Planetary Group)

Releasing their double EP Buffalo Mouth sometime this year, the L.A.- based pair have released their latest single “Virginia Law”. Mid-western country influences crash into blues and rock n’ roll confidence to produce a foot-stomping, riff-focused track that is the perfect “soundtrack to a 21st century post‐apocalyptic nuclear warfare”.


Explore more of their music and previous EPs at their website

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