Blitz // Berlin – Jesus Shoes

After composing the industrial-sized, electronic-punk soundtrack for the 2014 film Extraterrestrial, Toronto group Blitz // Berlin have fallen for the cinematic process for song writing:

“We really enjoy making music for movies. It’s a completely different way to approach writing – you can kind of throw out the rule book, as long as what you do works well in a scene. I find it really inspiring to work that way. We wanted this album to feel kind of fun and reckless. If we’ve done it right, listening through should feel like a soundtrack to a very strange film”.

Blitz // Berlin - Jesus Shoes

Last week, the four-piece released their latest collection Distance, a 10-track journey of bass-forward intensity. In tandem with the release, the band has also shared their off-centered music video for the lead single “Jesus Shoes”.

Just in time for Halloween, assorted masked characters make their way through the video with mysterious direction and intent. Supported by the dramatic, pulsating Nine Inch Nails-inspired backtrack, “Jesus Shoes” gracefully disturbs the peace, with fluid aggression and artistic unexpectedness.

As well, hear the main single from Extraterrestrial Leviathan” to experience Blitz // Berlin’s full fury.

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