Jake Bosci – Heartbreak

Jake Bosci
Jake Bosci (Photo courtesy of Planetary Group)

Australian singer-songwriter Jake Bosci sets the stage for his upcoming Wild Love EP with the release of “Heartbreak”,an upbeat tune about love’s bitter end. Acoustic guitar and a steady drum rhythm complement lyrics about one of life’s (and pop music’s) most relatable themes: the aftermath of a breakup with someone who could have been “the one”.

With a melody in the same vein as those from artists like the Lumineers and Ed Sheeran, and a universally applicable topic of lost love, this song is bound to please a crowd. But “Heartbreak” is about more than just the pain of a breakup; it’s about the lingering questions of what should have been done differently and if there’s still a chance to revive the relationship. In the end it’s poignant and a little tragic, but overall optimistic.

Bosci’s voice would sound right at home in an indie folk tune with soft crooning vocals, but it fits the pop-rock sound of this song just as well.

The music video that accompanies the song is set in the city, alternating between shots of Bosci out on the town at night with a blonde woman, and clips of him alone in a studio apartment playing the guitar serenading the camera. It captures the tone of the song without too much melodrama. Wild Love EP hits shelves December 5th, promising more catchy emotional songs like “Heartbreak”.

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