Black Country – Rose of Sharon

Black Country - Album Cover Photo Credit John Fearnall
Black Country (Photo by John Fearnall)

Based out of Owen Sound, Ontario, Joshua Richardson does his best to find time to create and record music that is a blurred blend of psychedelic, country, and experimental under the moniker Black Country. Similar to the irregular shape of the music, Richardson’s recording process helped inject spontaneity and organic composition into his project:

“The album was recorded in flows. Generally, because of my work schedule as a psychiatric nurse and my obligations as a parent, I’m left with some days free, which allow a flow of music to be recorded. Then said flow is blocked for several weeks, or months at a time, allowing it to build up, then several free days again leave the availability for a flow to become unblocked.” 

His self-titled debut will be available January 29th, but before then, Black Country has shared his latest single “Rose of Sharon”. Black Country explores the cold, dampening experience of winter and depression. Opening with a disorienting cluster of sound, “Rose of Sharon” expresses the dreariness and baron setting of winter through “cosmic” elements against a psych-country pool of a guitar, organ, and effects. Patiently progressing, the six and a half minute track eventually comes full circle, slowly fading out into a blizzard of organized chaos.

Alongside being a father, and working as a psychiatric nurse, Richardson runs indie label Mudtown Records. Enjoy the single below and head to the label’s website or Black Country’s bandcamp for more information.



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