Alex Bent + the Emptiness – Run Like Hell

Alex Bent
Alex Bent

(If you like: Nine Inch Nails, How To Destroy Angels, Atoms for Peace)

“I’m sorry Trent Reznor”

22-year old Alex Bent + the Emptiness apologizes for sampling Nine Inch Nails track “Hurt”, combining with it parts of Wu-Tang Clans’ “C.R.E.A.M.” on his latest single “Run Like Hell”.

“‘Run Like Hell’ is at the junction where savvy R&B meets techno’s industrial tension. It’s the soundtrack of late-night driving with no destination in mind, moving forward on the strength of its own velocity; our instinctive musical vision”. 

NIN and Wu-Tang are an unlikely combination, but the blend works wonders, giving the new single a dark, industrial sense of drama, as Bent cooly depicts a painful breakup with poise and subtle sincerity.

You can download the song for FREE through the soundcloud link, plus head to his website to stay tuned for his spring release of Dead, In the Water.

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