Public Memory – Zig Zag

Public Memory
Public Memory (Robert Toher)

(If you like: Radiohead, Atoms for Peace, Nine Inch Nails) 

Brooklyn musician Robert Toher spent the past year living in Los Angeles, where he recorded the latest project as Public Memory. Expected to release his debut album Wuthering Drum on March 18th, Toher transfers his fears and beliefs from his on-going existential crisis into his raw, electronic music.

The latest single from the forthcoming collection is “Zig Zag” – a stripped down, Thom Yorke-inspired piece. Twisting together organic and artificial instrumentation, Toher blends the textural subtleties with the pulsating percussion to generate both a spiritual and disorienting experience withholding any over saturation and hallucinogenics.

You can pre-order Wuthering Drum through felte and hear more of his music.

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