Benjamin Munoz – Anchors

Benjamin Munoz

Influenced early on by one of the best electronic music scenes, Benjamin Munoz discovered the sounds of the U.K. underground back in high school, listening to drum n bass, jungle, house, and garage after his local record store owner showed him a secret collection of records.

Now ready to develop his own style, Munoz has released the accumulation of influences in his latest single “Anchors”. Psychedelic textures and strobe bass melodies demonstrate Munoz’ love and appreciation for his favourite genre.

Included in the mix is an influence from Japanese culture, which began during his high school years:

I was becoming increasingly interested in Japanese arts and music. The main influences behind ‘Anchors’ are the Japanese animes Samurai Champloo and TekkonKinkreet. Many of the sounds are intended to mimic the visuals – for example, the hi-hats are meant to be loose and agile, imitating the movements of a samurai sword. I grew up loving anime and was particularly obsessed with a game called Jet Set Radio Future, which is based around Tokyo urban culture and dance music. Now it represents to me a bridge between worlds. My aim with my music is to create those bridges and coalesce the very different worlds I love; classical music, jazz, the UK underground and Japanese pop culture.” 

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