Avicii x Conrad Sewell – Taste the Feeling

(If you like: Calvin Harris, Zayn Malik, Nick Jonas) 

With the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament happening this summer, March is around the time of year where marketing campaigns to kick off and the anticipation begins to build. As a long time sponsor Coca-cola has teamed up with Swedish DJ Avicii and U.K./Australia breakthrough pop artist Conrad Sewell to produce the tournament’s up-beat anthem.

Originally recorded as an acoustic take by Sewell, “Taste the Feeling” is revitalized with energized rhythms, and Avicii’s subtle summer-anthem touch. Showing his musical versatility, Avicii strays away from his usual club, fist-pumping style to allow Sewell’s bright pop vocals to flourish, and charm listeners around the world.

You can download the single through iTunes now, but you will also soon be hearing it for the next few months in preparation for the Euro Cup.

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