The Treble – Wherever You Go (Official Lyric Video)

The Treble (Photo courtesy of Cadence Group)
The Treble
(Photo courtesy of Cadence Group)

Winnipeg alternative pop group The Treble may still be in the planning stages of their upcoming debut album, but the indie five-piece have put together an interesting plan of their own for the new “Wherever You Go” lyric video.

Involving over two thousand clips from over 30 contributors, the new lyric video is a collection of shots using Pixelsitcks, a light-painting technology, and has turned the Canadian song into an international project. Bass player Patrick Hansen reached out to the Pixelsticks community:

“I sort of approached them out of the blue with this idea to create a really cool lyric video using their pixelsticks. I didn’t know what the response would be, but it was overwhelming. I had over 30 people contribute shots around the globe, from New Zealand, France, Scotland, Brazil, Germany, the US, England, Australia, Scotland and of course Canada. It was AMAZING to see this community all come together to help us make a super unique video for ‘Wherever You Go’.”

Friendship, travelling, and pushing the limits are at the core of the band’s values, and their colourful new single is a perfect example of that. With lush indie pop melodies, and honest lyrics, lead singer Mark Brusegard explains:

“For us, this song is a bit of a story about the journey we’ve all been on for the past few years. For some people challenging yourself means to travel the world or learn new things and for others it just means getting out of bed in the morning. ‘Wherever You Go’ is about the first and final steps that can change everything”.

Enjoy the colourful, Pixelstick project below, and head to their website for more information.

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