Fortunato – Plain To See (Official Music Video)


Canadian hip-hop artist Fortunato grew up in the east-side of Toronto, but eventually made the trek to New Brunswick, continuing his pursue as a hip-hop artist. Teaming up with a handful of East Coast rappers and producers like Ghettosocks, DJ IV, and Moka Only, Fortunato has put out his share of releases, including his latest “Plain to See”.

With a sound deeply rooted in ’90s hip-hop, Fortunato holds on to the old-school style as he walks past elaborate graffiti art in the new video. Produced by Juliano, who is also known for his work as the DJ for Halifax rapper Classified, the heavy-weighted track flows perfectly with Fortunato’s sway.

Check out the video below, and head to his bandcamp page to hear his latest Blue Collar EP.

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