Said the Whale – Step Into the Darkness

Said the Whale
(Photo by Taby Cheng; courtesy of Auteur Research)

After announcing a 2017 tour and album a few weeks back, Vancouver indie folk-turned-pop band Said the Whale are keeping their promise with their new lead single “Step Into the Darkness”. With a few surprise changes in the lineup, in this case the five-piece slimmed down to a trio, Said the Whale have shifted their sound as well, embracing a heavier electronic presence, tied with a bow of sugary vocal harmonies from both original frontmen Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft.

The new single was written when Worcester was going through a difficult time: “Step Into The Darkness” was written after a devastating break-up with my girlfriend of six years. The song is me reaching out to comfort my love, reassuring her that she is safe and despite the immense sadness and feeling of loss, perhaps good things will come. We got back together shortly thereafter.”

Giving more responsibilities to synthesizers and loops, “Step Into the Darkness” playfully modernizes the band’s sound with electro-pop qualities. The chorus’ exploding presence quickly becomes the Sun of the track, bringing the vocal hooks and steady rhythm into its orbit as “Step Into the Darkness” juxtaposes its title with a bright, heart-warming character.

Listen to the single below, and check out the band’s upcoming tour dates. Head to their website for more information on the upcoming March 31st release of As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide. 

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