Heather Green – The Wild Ones

Originally from California, Heather Green moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2009 after releasing her 2008 debut album One Year Happy. Since then she has become an active part in the East Coast music scene with her ECMA nominated album Your Last War. Continuing to be a musical force in Nova Scotia, Green has announced the upcoming release of her third album Clementine for September 11th.

Heather Green (Photo courtesy of Pigeon Row)
Heather Green
(Photo courtesy of Pigeon Row)

Leading the collection’s release is opening track “The Wild Ones”. When asked about her influences, Green mentions First Aid Kit and Ingrid MIchaelson upfront, and if you listen closely, the genuine and earnest style of songwriting rings through.

Halifax band Young River accompany Green on the single, giving the song an upbeat pulse while the singer-songwriter allows her voice to flow gracefully overtop. Singing about relationships in all forms, her forthcoming collection “is [her] favourite group of songs yet.”


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